Workflow for responsive Webdesign

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    Ideation, Research content, UX- and Graphic Design, Front-end Development

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    Websites have changed. The workflow of design and development does, too. I created a microsite containing practical suggestions to keep in mind when working on a web-project. Kindly supported by Denkwerk, Lessingtiede, Pixell and Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln . It's time to rethink your workflow and match it with the demands and requirements of modern websites. See it online here.

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An infographic shows the three aspects of optimizing the workflow: one-to-one methods, agile working and personal attitude. Users can scroll down to look at the various aspects while the three categories are still available in the sticky navigation to click on.

Optimizing measures
Each optimizing aspect contains a headline together with the corresponing category. Below is short introduction copy as well as concrete suggestions to improve the workflow. Suggestions can be unfold to be able to see a more detailed description. Additional weblinks offer the possibility to find out more.